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Cigars of Character

Davidoff holds the license to manufacture and distribute Winston Churchill branded cigars. Following a review of the blends and formats of these super premium cigars and the successful relaunch of the Davidoff masterbrand, the time was right to rebrand Winston Churchill Cigars.

The brand positioning, identity and packaging design needed to be as compelling, complex, and iconic as the man himself, whilst bringing the range more in line with the Davidoff masterbrand. The positioning is all about “Cigars of Character” – a six-strong range of the finest cigars inspired by this iconic aficionado. Capturing the spirit of the man, each cigar celebrates a different aspect of his richly complex character: the aristocrat, the artist, the statesman, the commander, the raconteur, and the traveller. From this, a brand story was created in conjunction with ad agency Johnny Fearless.

The identity and packaging design echo the positioning and brand story. This includes a Winston Churchill silhouette with different backgrounds that reflect each cigar’s character, a newly created Winston Churchill font, and modernisation of the pre-existing crest as a subtle spot UV varnish. The relationship to the Davidoff masterbrand is introduced through equities such as the white and gold colour palette and the use of Gotham as the secondary logotype. We also designed concepts that bring the brand to life at an invitation-only press launch event in New York City.