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Sassoon Professional

An iconic brand for an iconic hairdresser.


It’s no exaggeration to say that Vidal Sassoon’s influence on hairstyling has been revolutionary for over 40 years. So we’re rather proud that Sassoon was our very first client, and our partnership is still going strong today. We’ve had a hand in virtually everything to do Sassoon, from retail, licensing and branded salons to more recently, a professional haircare range.

When Procter & Gamble (P&G) acquired Wella’s brand portfolio, the kudos of the Vidal Sassoon schools and academies became the impetus to launch a first-class professional haircare brand. This would be sold in independent salons throughout Europe, and available at Sassoon salons worldwide.


Taking a cue from our past work, P&G turned to us to take this new brand back to Sassoon’s roots, expressing its sensuously precise nature to stylists and their customers. Working hand in hand with Sassoon’s creative director, everything needed to be considered.

Beautiful thinking

Teaming up with acclaimed industrial designer Sebastion Bergne, we set out to make the most ergonomic shampoos and conditioners for use in the shower. The geometric shapes have subtly contoured and tactile recesses – functional meets sensuousness. We also sourced pre-existing structures for the rest of the range that keep this idea. The logo harks back to Vidal’s original one so many years ago. Pack graphics and typography are simple, elegant, and crisp, while foil lends a touch of prestige. This was all about how design impacts on the salon experience, so we didn’t stop at the packaging – colouring tools and charts, aprons, product aromas, online and in print communications all got the sensuously precise treatment.