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Luxury cosmeceutical skin care


Entrepreneur Marina Shcherbinina wanted to raise the bar in the beauty world with her unique, luxurious cosmeceutical skin care range. The UK launch would also set the scene for entry into Eastern Europe and other emerging markets.



This was all about creating a prestigious brand from scratch – one that’s fit for high-end department stores and the shoppers within them.

Beautiful thinking

The name NuBo suggests this is something different – a new kind of beauty. The brand identity and pack graphics ooze sophistication, indulgence, and quality, combined with scientific reassurance. Plus sourcing pack structures that hold pride of place in the bathroom was mission critical.


• UK listings in Harrods
and Fenwicks, and Harvey Nichols Hong Kong
• Extension to men’s range
• A favourite with celebrities including Kylie Minogue, Simon Cowell, and Amanda Wakeley