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Designs on professional haircare growth


Bad hair days for Procter & Gamble-owned NIOXIN meant products remained hidden in hairdressers’ cupboards, and went unnoticed in salons. Plus this salon professional range for thinning hair had a complicated usage system, so consumers and hairdressers weren’t always selecting or using it correctly.



To build on its market leading position, our job was to create an evolutionary packaging design for NIOXIN’s entire North American range. All under the context of a flat market, increased ‘me too’ competition, difficulty in product navigation and usage, and its new product Diamax about to hit the market.

Beautiful thinking

The premium feel draws on the parallel worlds of science and beauty expertise. The typographic approach communicates a clear information hierarchy. Icons connect the range of systems and their benefits. A mixture of premium metallic pantones and foils, spot varnish and repeat patterns enable navigation through the complex range of products, supporting stylists at point of purchase, and when recommending the correct haircare system to their clients.


• DBA Design Effectiveness Awards winner