Dew Gibbons + Partners



Marks & Spencer’s signature skincare range Formula consists of six clearly defined skincare collections that rejuvenate skin and provide remedies for all skincare concerns. With formulations and product lines both undergoing an overhaul, the retailer turned to us once more to devise a clear brand proposition, then rationalise and redesign Formula’s identity and packaging, following our collaboration on the Josh Wood Haircare range.

With a vast array of products that provide solutions for virtually all skincare concerns, we defined the brand’s positioning as ‘Find Your Formula’ – whether you need to smooth fine lines or improve skin elasticity, Marks & Spencer will help you find your perfect regime. The identity, packaging architecture, and design for each collection needed to appeal to differing target consumers, provide clear on-shelf and on-pack navigation, and allow them to easily understand they can combine products from any Formula collection to best suit their skincare needs.

The redrawn Formula word marque is a simple yet elegant sans serif font. The letterforms are fine and precise with rounded characters for a friendly feel. The detail in the cross bar of the A adds an ownable element to the logo. Taking pride of place on the packs are key words, claims, or percentages that highlight product benefits – tone of voice is friendly, positive, and informative. To ensure the large tiered portfolio is clearly communicated, the appropriate collection name is always centrally sited below the Formula logo on the bottom third of the pack in a colour-coded band. Colour and finishes are also used to distinguish each collection.