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Mama Natura

The natural choice for your child


Deutsche Homöopathie-Union (DHU) leads the way in natural drugs and homeopathic medicines. Its treatments for children aged 0-6 are sold around the world, but under different brand names and packaging. Our job was a first-to-market – to create a global umbrella brand under one name, positioning, identity, packaging, and communications.


DHU wanted this brand to be bigger than the sum of its individual product parts, leading to cost-effective marketing and more sales. Another big challenge was getting buy-in from existing markets, where products are run autonomously. It’s aimed at mums who are concerned about gentle and effective solutions for their kids.

Beautiful thinking

Mama Natura is all about mum’s need to protect and nurture her precious child’s health and wellbeing. Its depth and richness are adaptable to all sorts of situations in all markets, to encourage trust and loyalty. The name, logo and illustration are all about establishing solid roots for little ones as they grow. Colours and imagery add personality and impact – and help mums tell product categories apart.


Mama Natura first launched in Spain where all communications except packaging changed, and new packaging hit the shelves a year later. All this happened when Spanish competitors increased sales promotions and Mama Natura had none. And country buy-in around the world exceeded all goals:
• 30% rise in overall average monthly sales value
• 47% sales growth of InsectDHU range since redesign – doubling objective
• 10% production cost-savings
• 24% overall rise in Spanish pharmacy penetration
• DBA Design Effectiveness Awards winner
• Finalist: The Drum Network Awards