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Hello Day

Roll through the seasons

Hello Day is a unique range of healthcare and wellbeing supplements available as a seasonal box, supported by a lifestyle app. Each seasonal box contains supplements designed specifically to help people prepare for and meet the challenges and changes each season brings for mind, body, and soul – this is what inspired Hello Day’s approach to healthcare.

We worked on the brand positioning and designed a future-proofed visual and verbal language and packaging that will eventually span 20 products over eight categories. Easily communicating brand and product benefits to the core customer base of 30-50 year old urban dwelling women across all communication and media touchpoints was essential.

The design captures the brand idea that Hello Day helps people ‘roll through the seasons’. Seasons, Nature and Efficacy are three key parts that make up Hello Day’s visual and verbal identity, as well as the packaging design. These elements, along with the brand mark, are dialled up and down in the visual and verbal language for all communications throughout the customer journey, dependent on how important they are to the brand and the consumer’s need state.

Plus Hello Day’s website and free app accompany customers in the process of feeling, looking and flowing better. We devised the website and app templates based around the visual and verbal identity, then worked closely with DAC Group who built the website, and Interaction Healthcare who created the app.

Gold & Bronze: Pentawards