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Urban Natural Men’s Grooming

Heath is Heathcote & Ivory’s new skincare line for men – five English-made products include moisturiser, face wash, cream shave, post-shave repair, and hair and body wash, and each one is packed with natural actives to respond to demanding day-to-day lifestyles.

We created this brand from scratch, starting with defining the target consumer, the name, and the brand story. Heath is aimed at stylish, metropolitan men who want to take care of their skin with an effective natural range. They’re looking for more than the mass-market brands found in supermarkets and pharmacies, without stretching to pricier luxury brands.
This skincare regime is intertwined with nature inside an urban setting, and modern British authenticity. Every element of the brand design has been considered against that. We’ve taken the familiar, and made it new and relevant for modern day men looking for authentic experiences with the brands they buy into. Copper accents in the logo accentuate the idea that Heath is about He; it’s for men. ‘Made in England’ locks up with the logo, confidently endorsing Heath’s provenance. Racing green bottles are masculine, with a modern twist to ‘old school’ apothecary cues. Considered, crafted copy about the brand story and product ingredients is labelled at the bottom of the pack.