Dew Gibbons + Partners





Following the bold and incredibly successful launch of Davidoff Nicaragua – the first of Davidoff’s Discovery ranges – the brand headed to Brazil with the Davidoff Escurio range. With Escurio, Davidoff continues in its mission to bring the modern aficionado diverse and innovative cigar experiences.

As Davidoff’s longstanding integrated agency partner and working alongside Davidoff’s in-house marketing  team, our brief was to build consumer desire and reappraisal of Davidoff. Escurio needed to be distinct in its own right, but also immediately recognisable as coming from Davidoff, to encourage excitement, engagement and consideration by retailers, consumers, and influencers. Our role was key to the development of the name, positioning, brand story, identity, packaging design, and integrated communications including print ads, a brand film, and event concepts.

With a name that references the spirit of Rio, the Davidoff Escurio experience is all about an adventurous evening in Rio after dark, where anything can happen: Rhythm. Intrigue. Originality. The design and communications echo the craftsmanship that goes into the cigars themselves. The identity is the visual building block that drives the brand story for all other communications materials. The moon icon, in Brazilian colours, is all about Rio’s steamy passion and nightlife. Like Davidoff Nicaragua, Escurio’s dark background breaks away from the more classic and traditional Davidoff core brand. Key product and aspirational visuals also set the scene for the story – these are cigars for smoking at night, allowing you to discover where the mood might take you.

Davidoff Escurio launched in a parking garage in South Beach, Miami. It’s not just any parking garage, it’s one with its own Wikipedia page, noted for its striking architecture. We helped map out the entire event concept which focused on Rio’s rhythms, intrigue, and rich sensual experiences of the night – from food to room dress and everything in between – along with ideas for future in-store and cigar lounge events. Plus a new accessory collection, using Davidoff Escurio’s look and feel, coincides with the launch.

“Rio’s intriguing and rhythmic nights were hugely inspiring for our master blenders in helping craft a superb multi-origin blend with the finest Brazilian tobaccos at its core. And so too was it the inspiration for DewGibbons + Partners when devising Escurio’s name, positioning, story, design, and communications. Above all, Davidoff Escurio delivers a real sense of a journey into the unexpected, with twists and turns of excitement.”
Charles Awad, SVP  Global Marketing & Innovation, Oettinger Davidoff