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Time Beautifully Filled


Family-run Davidoff  launched its first branded cigar in 1946 and quickly became the most known premium cigar brand in the world. When you light a Davidoff cigar, you set aglow the richest tradition of cigar making. You release craftsmanship achieved by an investment in time – the most precious of commodities and the ultimate in luxury.



Losing market share and faced with innovative competitors, Davidoff was seen as exclusive but relatively expensive, old-fashioned, and short in relevance to today’s cigar aficionados. Teaming up with ad agency Johnny Fearless, our job was to rebuild desire for customers old and new through a brand review and integrated communications campaign. A story needed to be told and everything would change – from strategy, identity, packaging, retail and merchandising through to global communications, advertising, digital, and social media. Plus we needed to look at how to launch Davidoff Nicaragua, a new and stronger, more robust-flavoured cigar from that country.

Beautiful thinking

Davidoff understands the value of time, and that as many drops of time as possible should be savoured. It takes time to hand-pick, hand-roll and hand-pack its cigars. So it believes that aficionados’ time, like every one of its cigars, should be beautifully filled. The idea of Time Beautifully Filled is now at the centre of everything Davidoff says and does. Davidoff Nicaragua is all about the mountainous provenance of that country – exploration, adventure, and discovery. And we’ve moved away from the main brand’s famous white colour to avoid confusion.


In the context of a declining market, Davidoff is setting a new standard in the cigar industry. This is particularly true in terms of Davidoff Nicaragua, which is the brand’s biggest success story since 1991:
• Sales value 190% against forecast
• Sales volume 187% against forecast
• Helped the Davidoff brand grow +27% globally
• Taken significant share from competitive Nicaraguan cigars
• Commended: The Drum Network Award 
• DBA Design Effectiveness Awards winner
• Transform Awards Europe winner: Gold and Silver
• Finalist: The Drum Marketing Awards