Dew Gibbons + Partners




Caroline Hirons is a highly respected blogger within the Beauty World. She has over 250,000 followers with 2-4 million page views per month. However she did not feel that she had an identity that reflected her personality as a person and as a brand.


There are many, many beauty experts online.
Our task was to make Caroline stand out in one of the most fiercely competitive environments.
And also to somehow distil a personality into an identity.


We began, as we always do, by defining the attitude and character that are then built into our designs.
Only this time the product was a person. We arrived at bold, warm, confident and witty. Using these ‘character co-ordinates’, we developed three design areas that reflect Caroline’s approach to beauty and beauty blogging:
• Beautiful personality
• Beautiful conversations
• Beautiful opinions

We explored the identity through logo and colour palette options, and applied it to a sample website and further touch-points to give context for any selection process. Caroline’s identity achieves everything asked of it, and stands out in the digital environment, especially on the smaller tablet and mobile screens so often used by her followers. The impactful type and colours capture her boldness and confidence. The use of emphatic punctuation marks convey her wit and provocative nature.

A persona is now a logo.