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Flicking the switch from prescription to OTC


German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingleheim  had big ambitions when it switched one of its pharma brands to an OTC medicine. At the same time, Buscopan grew globally from just one product for irritable bowel syndrome to a range that relieves various stomach and gut complaints.



With disappointing sales following the switch, Buscopan asked us to make it the ‘abdominal specialist.’ We needed to mastermind a global brand consolidation and naming hierarchy to overcome local consumer and regulatory hurdles, and redesign the brand to focus on people’s needs.

Beautiful thinking

The main idea of targeted relief is expressed through a key graphic device. Packs focus on people’s emotions and provide the reassurance that reflects a higher priced products. The brand architecture and naming are flexible, allowing for future innovations. All-encompassing guidelines ensure ease of local implementation, and comply with regulations in different markets.


The OTC brand launched in 2008 and has been phenomenally successful, with plans for further extensions:
• Became Boehringer Ingelheim’s fastest growing global OTC brand within two years
• 114% sales increase over four years
• Return on design investment in just 14 days
• Significant buy-in across markets meant fewer ‘migration’ designs needed