Dew Gibbons + Partners


Bold 2 in 1

Packaging that smells great for Procter & Gamble


Bold 2in1, owned by Procter & Gamble (P&G), was looking to stem the migration of its UK consumers to competitors.



P&G turned to us to review the brand positioning and identity, then create a pack design for each of the variants that justifies the brand’s price point and that engages with customers in a more relevant and emotional way – one that positively oozes with a multi-sensorial fabric experience, increases visibility on shelf, and differentiates the brand from the competition.


With its new “Feel Good” positioning, the variant line up is unified by an evolved brand mark. The multi-sensory experience is evoked through the ‘sparkle’ graphic visual, flowing fabric texture, and impactful natural photography. The vibrant colour palette ensures high visibility on shelf. The result is a product range that justifies the price point and gives the impression of sparkle, fresh scent, and softness.