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In a market with flat growth, Aussie Haircare has become the fastest-growing and most profitable shampoo and conditioner brand in the UK and Europe. This is in large part thanks to two Limited Edition collections.

We’ve also been brand guardians for Aussie Haircare’s whole portfolio since it was bought by Procter & Gamble (P&G) in 2005. We designed a range architecture centred around product benefits, and we’re continually looking at new packaging that remains true to the core brand.


Aussie Haircare’s price per ml is twice the category average. P&G needed to build a value-for-money perception with shoppers, without eroding pricing and profitability. Key to this was the packaging design for Limited Edition ‘Colour Mate & Miracle Moist’ shampoos and conditioners, and across conditioners under the ‘Luciously Light’ umbrella.

Beautiful thinking

We brought our deep knowledge of premium exclusive brands to packaging that stops people in their tracks and makes them think twice. Illustrations add playfulness, and benefits are highlighted. So ‘Colour Mate & Miracle Moist’ takes inspiration from Australian designers to play on target consumers’ deep interest in fashion, while ‘Lusciously Light’ focuses on the conditioners’ light weight.


These record results came with just half the marketing spend versus competitors, no TV advertising, and only one product innovation over two years, where one or two per year is standard for all direct competitors:
• Overall brand sales rise by 50%
• Profits skyrocket by 65%
• Dramatic market share growth – volume share +37.5% and value share +34%
• Best practice case study for P&G businesses globally