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When brands come to us, it’s for a reason. They’re losing market share to competitors, their sales are declining or maybe even in free fall. To create a brand strategy and beautiful design, we first have to delve deep into the brand’s business and figure out what’s *really* going on. When we find the answer(s), we call this the Ugly Truths we’ve got to tackle with Beautiful Thinking

Today, Ugly Truths are all around us, so what better Halloween inspiration. Because what’s scarier, the fact Donald Trump is president or Frankenstein’s monster….

Bee Gone:

Honeybees are going extinct because of excessive use of pesticides in crops and certain blood-sucking parasites that only reproduce in bee colonies. The extinction of bees means the end of humanity.

Wheel of Doom:

Technology has totally overtaken our lives, changing our habits and relationships and raising our blood pressure. Where will it all end?

Vanity Fair:

Vanity adorns the beauty industry, being surrounded by selfies and young girls striving for perfection amongst a world of self-obsession.

Gluten Goo:

Gluten sensitivity has dramatically increased in recent years. Some studies link it not to the gluten, but to the glyphosate pesticides sprayed onto grains, disrupting the friendly bacteria in your gut and causing a number of health issues mimicking true gluten intolerance. Maybe the real ugly truth is quietly hiding within the food industry.

Phone Zombie:

Phone addiction is growing among kids, with horror stories hitting the news about induced suicide and fatal accidents by kids playing games. Terrifying.


I'm a miserable social media troll, green with jealousy and with nothing good to say about anything!

Fish Food:

‘Fish Caught in a Net’ represents the over fishing of the oceans, leading to a loss of marine life, ecosystems and the destruction of coral reefs.

I Can Make You Famous:

Abuse of power is an evil across all industries. But the Harvey Weinstein scandal shows how abuse can take place right in front of people who do nothing: a symptomatic ill of society. Brave women – and men – are no longer silenced…