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Mince pies on the prize!


We’re a very thoughtful bunch of people here at DG+P. We have literally *forced* ourselves to eat mince pies every day so that we could bring you the lowdown on which look – and taste – the best.

First criteria, of course, the packaging. Did the box (or bag) look good enough to eat or fall flat? Next came the pastry. Was it light and flaky with a resolutely non-soggy bottom or thick and claggy? Then, oh so importantly, the filling. Did it leave us wanting more (and more and more) or was it overly sweet or beige? Lastly, the overall appearance: did the pies literally beg you to try them giving us crimps and holly and stars and sugar or just meh?

All scored out of ten. And the result?

The grand DG+P mince pie competition winner is: Fortnum & Mason Petit Fours Traditional Mince Pies

Consistently high scores across all criteria made Fortnum & Mason a favourite with the whole team scoring a whopping 39 points out of 40!

Worthy pretenders to the crown were Harrod's Cherry & Armagnac, local bakery (and birthday cake favourite) Konditor & Cook and Gail's Artisan Bakery - all fabulous, scoring over 30 points.

Honourable mentions also go to M&S The Collection, only losing out due to their slightly disappointing, plastic packaging, though the actual pies were a visual and oral delight. And Heston’s, which tasted fab, but their appearance was a little too quirky for our tastes. We like our mince pies to, well, look like mince pies!