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DG+P’s Summer Party 2016 kicked off with an Aegean-style brunch in the beautiful Mandolin garden restaurant at Shoreditch House. With Bloody Marys, bubbles and rosé, it’s safe to say that we were in high spirits following our late-morning feast!

But the day wasn’t just about indulgence; we also had a DG+P brand-led task to complete from this stimulating brief:

“We want you to design/create something that would inspire someone to Think Beautifully. This could be an image or a phrase, or an image and a phrase, or a symbol, or a quote, or whatever your imagination can bake. By simply looking at this piece of wonderment, the viewer will immediately feel galvanised to have a Beautiful Thought. This will then appear on a tote bag, a T-shirt, one of our notebooks, the windows of a meeting room, projected into the night sky (okay, probably not that last one).”

So with our thoughts gathered together, four designs were chosen…

We had an excellent tutorial at Print Club London before getting stuck into the screen-printing and paints. The results look fab! Two tees and two totes to represent our Beautiful Thinking ethos. 

After our design session we headed to Last Days of Shoreditch’s pop up event space, with our own private area – aptly named Sunset Terrace – to watch the sunset over the crazy golf course, keep our drinks on ice, and dance the night away. Beautiful.

Check out more pics of the day on Facebook.

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