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It’s always enjoyable to see the creativity of colleagues unleashed in a totally different setting. Last week, a few members of the Studio went to the private viewing of our talented artist / illustrator / textile designer friend, Christina K.’s show ‘Lunar Tribes’ at the Coningsby Gallery. Christina was commissioned by DG+P to create bespoke illustrations for one of our clients, and was a delight to work with. Seeing her work in the show revealed a breadth of style and exploration that we had been exposed to in her portfolio previously, but on a much wider scale. 

She displayed her exploratory sketches that revealed the playful exploration of her expressive brushstrokes and mark-making, as well as the fine detailed pencil work that shines through in her portraits and botanical drawings. Also on display were more experimental digital prints and silkscreen works. Despite the range of exploration of style and mark-making, what shone through as a common link, was her beautiful, delicate, signature approach to using colour, which is vibrant and fresh in a very contemporary way.

The exhibition of her limited edition hand-printed, digital and original works will be running for a full week – get there fast, and enjoy the work up close before it sells out! If you can’t make it there, Christina’s work can also be found online.

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