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Our last three Open Eyes have all focused on big meta-issues facing brands of all shapes and sizes across the globe: Personalisation, Older and the latest, Stretch.

We chose brand extension as it’s both an opportunity (and threat) in an
increasingly competitive and
 crowded marketplace. We literally could republish Stretch this week with a whole slew of outlandish and even newer brand extensions: Moleskine has a café and food blogger Deliciously Ella now does skincare with Neal’s Yard Remedies. Our thinking in Stretch, however, wouldn’t have changed a bit: it’s the ultimate ‘How to Guide’ on the subject and some of our key sector media definitely agree!

Steve’s opinion piece Stretched to Breaking Point was published in SPC Magazine. He takes its beauty business audience through our three defined categories types of extension – Migration, Marriage, and Metamorphosis..

Nick takes a beady look at the Good, Bad, and Ugly of 21st Century Brand Extension for Transform Magazine, including some of our studio’s own ideas of extensions that should exist, but don't!

Our Stretch concepts got a whole lotta love on LinkedIn, Twitter and on Facebook. They featured on design blogs like Packaging of the World, World Packaging Design, Packaging News and was even chosen by Think Tank Media as some of the best online content in July. Amazing!

We also asked our networks to vote on which of those ten ideas you liked most. We can now reveal the winner is Cadbury’s Nytime… now let’s hope that Cadbury’s and Perrigo (Nytol’s owner) decide to make it!

Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate is comforting but a little too stimulating with its caffeine content, whilst Nytol is an excellent sleep aid but there’s no pleasure in the taking – bring them together and you have the best of both worlds.

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