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A few weeks back we attended a D&AD talk with Simon Mottram, the man behind Rapha. And his stirring talk has stuck in mind. In part because of his wonderful energy, but mostly because Rapha is not only a disruptive brand, but is one of those mythical brand unicorns that can extend and extend into different categories: no mean feat!

Mottram, the former accountant with a love of cycling, talked about his passion and clear vision – to make cycling the most popular sport in the world. This singular motivation has propelled him to build a brand that’s shaken - and elevated - both the culture and perception of cycling.

Now in its 13th year, Rapha is well established and valued as a world-leading, luxury sportswear and lifestyle brand. Which is held up as a truly aspirational and all-encompassing way of life. Rapha not only offers fine cycling clothing and accessories but also skincare products, and luxury travel-packages to go with it. Put it this way, if pain and triumph are your idea of the perfect holiday, you can now have it all in style against jaw-dropping scenery.

There’s even a Rapha cycling club to meet like-minded cycle souls (hard to do when you’re head down across your handlebars). And a hotel on the way too, which left the die-hard cyclists in the Studio very excited indeed. With these physical touch points, club-spaces and experiences, the brand has transcended the average retail space or ecommerce site. It has become a community.

“Rapha is a brand that's been built without compromise”.

Rapha’s phenomenal success has been built on a simple and pure brand mantra – that differentiation is all. This, coupled with a deep understanding of its customers, has delivered truly elegant design, with meaningful depth. Even if luck has had its part to play – Mottram is the first to admit that his association with Bradley Wiggins, Tour De France and Team Sky hasn’t hurt - either way; Rapha is one very beautiful, smart unicorn.

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