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We’re thrilled to have helped Chef Marcelo Henriquez with the identity and brand experience for ONA, his Chilean pop up dining concept.

The brand look complements the food, reflects Chef Marcelo’s lively but deceptively simple aesthetic, and draws inspiration from the deeply spiritual people for whom ONA is named – not to mention the fact that our resident artist Raj is responsible for the beautifully hand-painted logo. Don’t forget to check out the case study to learn more.

Our creative director Nick said: “What I like about the ONA identity is that it feels really organic and it comes across as really well-crafted. In a design world where things are all too often so stylised and perfect, it’s refreshing to have something that feels so natural. And we’ve loved our involvement in the entire brand experience – from crockery and room dress through to packaging concepts and gifts for diners.”

We think it’s all a seamlessly integrated look and experience, but don’t take our word for it. ONA’s second series of Chilean pop up dining events at Kentish Town’s celebrated butcher and fishmonger Harry’s Fine Foods throughout November is sold out, but sign up for the newsletter or visit Facebook and go experience it yourself!

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