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Last week a group of us went to Nicer Tuesdays, an event focussed on cutting-edge creativity in technology curated by It’s Nice That. From a ‘down with technology’ stance to life-changing mouldable putty, here’s what our designer Sachin Kavia thought of the breadth of inspirational and imaginative insight on offer.

Territory Studio incorporates futuristic digital interfaces into iconic films like Minority Report to Iron Man “to tell a part of the story the actors couldn’t”. They took us through their creative journey – from working on set with influential directors to the fine level of detail involved in production.

Young Kingston University design graduate Doug Hindson bravely challenged the room, citing the negative aspects technology can have on our lives. His message was neatly encapsulated in this beautifully animated video, which he developed as a university project.

Technology Will Save Us discussed its DIY tech kits, where kids can create their very own piece of unique tech using innovative materials. We really liked the product development story, which was told through the packaging progression from workshop to education through to retail.

And finally there was “a simple bit of crap,” as quoted by Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh, the inventor of Sugru, a mouldable putty that hardens into rubber overnight. It’s a simple and unique product that works a treat to fix virtually anything. She showed how it’s been used in an incredible array of projects, from epic canoe trips to life transforming help for a wheelchair user.

Our takeaway from the night? Technology isn’t just something that gives us great visual stimulation – products of vision and passion can make positive changes to people’s lives and educate future generations. But Sachin agrees with Doug Hindson – we need to strike a balance between technology and day-to-day life, ensuring we take the time to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and not just slavishly respond to a pinging smartphone.

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