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We love going to CEW talks – they never fail to address topics shaping the beauty industry. And a recent event with Jamila Askarova, co-founder of Gazelli Skincare, was a textbook lesson in how to evolve from beauty to lifestyle whilst remaining true to your brand ethos. Beautiful thinking at its best!

Gazelli’s approach is a refreshing change from the oft corporate-led and somewhat formulaic incarnations of other beauty brands. It’s very personal and true to its ‘live beautifully’ philosophy, in everything it says and does. Creativity and honesty lie at the heart of the brand. And the brand’s way of reigniting our childlike curiosity of the world is infectious – making you want to immerse yourself in it.

It all started in 1999, when Jamila’s mother Dr Zarifa Hamzayeva created the first cosmetics manufacturing facility in Azerbaijan, after years of research in genetics and preventative medicine. The aptly-considered name derives from ‘Ghazel’, an ancient form of Persian poetry that celebrates beauty and love.

In 2011, the brand broke into the hugely competitive UK market at Harrods’ Urban Retreat with just seven SKUs, where it cleverly connected with consumers in a way that was beyond the superficial. Products were merchandised around a wish tree, and people were encouraged to write a wish on a ribbon then tie it around a branch, in the hope that it would come true. Within weeks the tree was adorned with wishes and Urban Retreat didn’t want to take it down!

But it’s recent developments that are making Gazelli really exciting – whilst there’s still a focus on the skincare product range, the brand is shifting into a more holistic lifestyle approach to beauty and wellbeing. Understanding the importance of the mind/body connection to overall health and wellbeing, Gazelli wants to provide people with the tools and activities to embrace life, rather than retreat or hide within the confines of the treatment room.

One example of this is its partnership with dancers at the Royal Ballet. The ultimate vision is to offer a unique service that stretches beyond the treatment room to positively enrich every aspect of the dancers’ wellbeing, supporting them to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives, from rehearsals and shows to their lives outside of the Royal Opera House.

And the first Gazelli House is opening its doors in London’s South Kensington this November. The house is beautifully considered, true to the concept of a lived in ‘home away from home’. It’s much more than a place for skin consultations and treatments. Movie screenings, life coaching sessions, workshopson all aspects of ‘living well’, yoga lessons, and much more are all on offer. And in keeping with the brand principles, the product range will be a part of the surroundings and of course beautifully presented.

We’ve already signed up for free membership and can’t wait to blog about our first experience there. Might this mark the end of the traditional day spa?

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