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Ah London, you eclectic city - brimming with art, over-flowing with ideas and experiences. Even as autumn gradually shades into winter, with the city buried under an ever-growing pile of falling leaves, it takes just a mere blink of an eye for new exhibitions, immersive shows, artistic collaborations and provocative theatre to pop up. How can anyone ever keep up?

Mostly by relying on the eyes and ears of our intrepid team: Monday morning meetings here at DG+P always feature a ‘what have you seen, where have you been’ bit. Recently it’s been excited conversation about the new fantastical collaboration between Veuve Clicquot and FKA Twigs and the sold out V&A Matthew Williamson talk we attentively sat through last night – An intimate, rags-to-riches story of an incredibly talented northern boy who answered the knock of opportunity with bejeweled silk scarves and was welcomed into the fashion world with open arms. Interestingly, we discovered what sets him apart from other designers is his talent of stretching the Matthew Williamson brand into lifestyle - with his iconic prints just as happy to stretch across plump cushions and hotel walls, as they are at home across the necks of his glamorous ladies - and that's something we can certainly relate to!

Quite often, it’s our Design Director, Matt Gilpin, who steers us towards the best of London’s culture. His latest recommendations are a handful of exciting exhibitions. One is the chance to see three massive Richard Sierra pieces at The Gagosian Gallery, near King’s Cross, for free - and when we say massive we mean eight metre-high towering steel sculptures that are certain to give you neck ache. Another is Tate Britain’s exhibition of Paul Nash’s traditionally modernist – and always unsettling – work. And finally an exhibition at the Barbican called Vulgar that’s fantastic fun for a lunchtime visit. If London is our oyster, then these are some of its pearls.

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