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From brand look and feel through to packaging design, we’ve been working with Sebastian Professional since 2012 to reflect its cutting edge style. So we were thrilled to learn that our most recent designs for the brand’s Eclectic A/W16 Limited Edition Collection just won the Beauty and Personal Care category at GDUSA’s American Package Design Awards! This year's total entries reached 2,000+ and just 200 winners were selected – so we’re pretty chuffed to make the grade.

The unique and differentiated outer pack designs for six pre-existing styling products showcase six exclusive artworks by celebrated tattoo artist Maxime Büchi.

Taking inspiration from the illustrations, products’ benefits, and brand ethos, the design adds the perfect touch of edgy Sebastian flair. We selected tubes for the outer structure, reminiscent of how artwork is sold. Vertical seals of Sebastian branding use original product colours to ensure consumer/stylist recognition. The rest of the pack is monochrome, echoing both Maxime Büchi’s signature style and Sebastian’s own colour palette.

Style, art, design and hair fuse into one ultimate expression of individuality for these iconic products.

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