Dew Gibbons + Partners




The sun was shining on the grounds of 17th century Chaffeymoor Grange, when a distinctly motley crew of DewGibbons + Pirates arrived ready for a few days outside of the studio to review the year so far and to breathe in some good country air.

We met at Waterloo station resplendent in our pirate stripes, personalised eye patches and bandanas, to some rather bemused looks from regular commuters. From a small tropical island, to sequined splendour and to some serious surrealism, the team’s creativity was on full display. After a swift pub lunch, and settling in our rooms, we changed into our full pirate outfits. As always, the mere sniff of a creative competition led to an amazing array of costumes; in beautiful, lateral thinking style, the winner was chosen: Mike. As a parrot.

The consumption of a significant amount of grog aside, the event is a welcome chance to take a step back, look over the previous months and to goals ahead and, even more importantly, an opportunity to build on relationships.

From sports and games to cooking and chores, we worked in teams to make it happen, and the results were truly satisfying. We had groups working with our chef, Marcelo, to create banquets, bbqs and brunches. A boozy rum punch was made and Bloody Mary’s flowed, everyone pitched in with the not so fun chores and high jinks ensued. A pirate themed sports day was finished off with a game of ‘rebels’ rounders.

We discovered a variety of hidden talents (breakfast platter presentation skills and astronomy to name but two) and some amusing characteristics: three team members were consistently incapable of finding an object hidden in plain sight in a room. But the whole event really typified what DG+P is all about. Joining the team’s combined creative and practical forces to get stuff done: absolutely beautifully.

It takes beautiful thinking from the team to create our Open Eye reports.