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Sometimes things are just so good you can’t help but want to share them. That was our starting point for branding home-made biscuits company Cawthorne. Think Almond Thins, Seville Macaroons, Orange and Chocolate Torta, Lemon Polenta Crumble, Breton Biscuit, Pine nut Biscotti…

The brand is built on the idea that you know you should avoid stuff that’s bad for you, but you want the occasional treat. You also like to spoil your friends and family with something other than a box of double chocolate chip cookies. Quite often you try to buy things that look ‘home-made’ but they all seem a bit stodgy and you’re never really quite sure what’s in there. In fact, you’d probably prefer to have the style of biscuits found easily in Italy, France or Spain – and if you had the time you’d probably bake them yourself with trusted ingredients.

Enter Cawthorne. Home-made biscuits made from a few simple ingredients found in your own cupboard.

We coined the tag line ‘Made to Share’, because that’s what these biscuits are all about. Simple branding reflects the company’s values: open, straightforward, and light-hearted. Stickers for each of the six variants are easy to apply to different neutral pack shapes and sizes, creating good standout with lots of honest, handmade cues. Key ingredients share pride of place on the stickers, surrounding each of the variants.

Based in Buckinghamshire, Cawthorne is distributed via a selection of high-end delis and cafes within the South of England, including Estrella in Winslow and The Grocer in Aversham.

Time to put the kettle on!