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In 2008 we helped Buscopan to successfully flick the switch from prescription to OTC. Within two years it was Boehringer Ingelheim’s fastest growing global OTC brand, achieved 114% sales increase over four years, and the return on their design investment was recouped in just 14 days.

Fast-forward eight years, and Buscopan called on us again. The brand’s heartland is IBS, but over the years it’s started to offer products targeted for gastro indigestion, menstrual pain relief, and more. As part of its ongoing commitment to be ‘Your abdominal specialist’, a globally consistent packaging design would be essential to build recognition and establish the brand in consumers’ and health care professionals’ minds.

Our job was to harmonise and future-proof the brand’s on-pack architecture, so local markets offer a consistent design that improves portfolio recognition at POS globally.

We rethought the pack hierarchy, with the new pack design architecture incorporating seven basic elements. The colour band at the top of the pack enhances claim communication across the range and help consumers navigate across variants on shelf – with colour also playing a key role in differentiating variants. The brand mark, target device, and dosage formats have been modernised, and the figure illustration is an integral part of all packs. We’ve also updated packs for those markets where Buscopan is still a prescription medication.

The new packs are rolling out globally throughout 2016 – and TV ads show the packs off beautifully. We’d like to think the brand’s great success will continue, partly thanks to our latest efforts.

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