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We’re all super excited about Eleni & Chris’ new Skincare and Hair Styling ranges. Eleni & Chris is a hugely ambitious and ‘Beautifully different’ Scandinavian haircare and beauty brand. The Salon Signature Haircare Collection was the brand’s successful inaugural range – with our masterbrand positioning, identity and packaging design ensuring consistency, clarity, and future stretch.

The Skincare Collection takes pride of place in the windows at Clyde’s on NYC’s famous Madison Avenue – and includes 17 products in anti-aging and hydration lines. Our designs celebrate the Scandinavian provenance of the unique natural ingredients such as rare Arctic cloudberries and the purest water from Norway’s Black Glacier. It also harnesses the personality contrasts and shared passion of the brand’s mother/daughter founders. Like Scandinavian beauty itself, it’s clean, stripped back, minimal, effortless. Soft colours reinforce the refined elegance and natural Scandinavian aesthetic.

The four-strong Hair Styling range is sold in salons and on Eleni & Chris’ online shop. Developed by salon professional experts, Cloudberry is again used as the key ingredient to provide hair nourishment and protection. Packaging deconstructs the brand’s symbol and leverages vibrant colours to set an edgier, more energetic tone.

Of course we think Eleni & Chris is fabulous, but so does the media and blogging community, with incredible reviews from the likes of Vogue USA, Brand Experience Magazine, So Far So Sabine, and Scandinavian Traveller.

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