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The more eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed a small change to our web strapline. Design that thinks, speaks and captivates has transformed to:

Brand design with a Brand idea built in

Since I founded the business in 1997, DG+P has been powered by Beautiful Thinking. A unique combination of right and left brain thinking that places our clients’ business, brand and consumer at the heart of each and every brief and leaves our ego firmly at the door. Our work is never formulaic or driven by the design zeitgeist (although it reflects), because it’s only by understanding the unique Ugly Truths that are holding a brand back that we can deliver a truly beautiful – and deeply strategic and effective - solution to it.

So why the strapline change? And what’s changed in the business?

Simply put, the world is changing, consumers are changing and clients are changing. I’ve waxed lyrical about it on more than one occasion. Why? In a digital, connected world, brands need to look, feel and behave the same wherever and whenever consumers find them. And that means change to business as usual for all creative agencies, above and below the line.

And for us? It means DG+P bringing former Saatchi & Saatchi ad man Paul Domenet onboard in the new role of Creative Director Communications. It means weaving in communications right at the outset of brand creation and design, because that delivers a truly unifying idea that can be expressed across any channel, as and when needed. We think this will deliver maximum ROI for our clients and be both cost and time-effective. More importantly, it will deliver a purity of creative output that is too easily lost in the to-ing and fro-ing between competing agencies and the clash of creative egos!

For us, it’s come about holistically. One of our major clients didn’t need brand strategy, design, packaging design, communications, or direct marketing. They needed a seamless strategic branding and communications programme and so we delivered it. And other clients started asking us for it too. So we’ve permanently geared the business up to meet this growing need.

We’re absolutely delighted to have Paul on board. He’s worked on campaigns with companies as diverse as Knorr, Diageo, Toyota, the Imperial War Museum and the Labour Party.  And won a gold Lion at Cannes for it and more besides.

Who better than to help us tear up the rule book for business as usual?

Brand design with a Brand idea built in. Beautiful Thinking. With a new voice.