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Here at DG+P we’re not the most bombastic of businesses. Sure, we’re proud to show off our work (when we’re allowed to that is) and talk about the awards we win for our beautiful, effective design. But we’re pretty laid-back to be honest, even a bit of a well-kept industry secret.

Other agencies, however, are not so shy and retiring. Even with work that’s not actually theirs.

So, for the record, consider this me shouting from the rooftops that DG+P named, designed and created the Baby Dove brand (Tin Horse designed the utterly lovely structure).  And I’m frankly fed up with hearing that other agencies are also claiming to have designed it. There’s no room for ambiguity here, we designed it. Period. We won the pitch in summer 2011 and that work was launched in Brazil in autumn 2014.

We know, via a heavyweight prospective client, of at least two other agencies – one here in the UK and one in the States – that are claiming to have designed Baby Dove. They may have done some local market adaptions and some SKU extensions, but design the brand? Absolutely, categorically, not.

The contact that brought this troublesome issue to our attention also told us how very difficult it was as a client to know exactly which agency has done precisely what. She likened being presented with design agency credentials to an exercise in lies, smoke and mirrors. And that’s an understatement.

For the record, anything we show in DG+P’s credentials is our original creative expression. It seems, however, for many agencies, a mere tweak or addition allows them to claim creative ownership. It’s not on; it’s not cricket.

And if you’re reading this, you know who you are. More importantly, none of this subterfuge or deceit does our industry any good. It’s your short-term gains at all our expenses. So stop it. Now.

Check out our work on Baby Dove here. It’s lovely. And it's *our* baby.

Steve is DewGibbons + Partners Co-Founder and Managing Director. Email him here.